Creative Mom Turns Her Baby’s Dreams Come True with This Out of the World Photography

The creativity of a mother and the professionalism in a photographer, have combined to make this compilation of “Wengenn in Wonderland”. It is also obvious that this lady Sioin Queenie Liao had so much spare time, before putting her little one to sleep, to draw, decorate and create all these imaginary dream sequences and to place her sleeping kid there and take photos.

She deserves all the praise there can be, for valuing her kid’s dream world, as she saw, through her own imagination and giving it life. When the child grows up and gets to see these photographs, will he relate with the dreams he actually sees? Only time will tell…

mother-dream-adventure-01 mother-dream-adventure-02 mother-dream-adventure-03 mother-dream-adventure-05 mother-dream-adventure-06 mother-dream-adventure-08 mother-dream-adventure-09 mother-dream-adventure-10 mother-dream-adventure-12 mother-dream-adventure-13 mother-dream-adventure-14 mother-dream-adventure-15 mother-dream-adventure-16 mother-dream-adventure-17 mother-dream-adventure-23mother-dream-adventure-24 mother-dream-adventure-07mother-dream-adventure-11mother-dream-adventure-04

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