Photo Manipulations by Erik Johansson

Photo manipulations are always very interesting to watch because – and that’s what is important – they give a realistic view of an unreal picture.

It would be unfair to simply call Erik Johansson a photographer. He rearranges compositions to create unique eye-opening images, bending reality with ease.

Straight out of Gothenburg, Sweden, Johansson knows a good visual when he sees it. Or, rather, when he manipulates it. The 24-year-old is winning love on the Web for his imaginative photos riffing off many themes, from the environment to urban sprawl. He’s not content just snapping a great photo; that’s where the fun just begins.

His work has been featured in photography magazines across the world, including South Korea’s Elle Girl, Turkey’s Photoshop Magazine, Belgium’s Goedele, and Argentina’s Users Digital Design.

Johansson is known for taking standard photos and tweaking them with Photoshop, a process that can take weeks or months. He’s no tech amateur; he studied interaction design and computer engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, and he taught himself image manipulation during his spare time.

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