Beautiful Conceptual Photography by Katharina Jung

Like fellow artists Alex Stoddard, Kyle Thompson, and Diggie Vitt, 20-year-old German photographer Katharina Jung uses her camera and masterful photo manipulation to create otherworldly scenes of strange beauty.

Although she’s only been pursuing photography since 2012, Jung has already amassed a portfolio full of dramatic portraits and spectacular conceptual photos. Taking advantage of the natural landscapes surrounding her home, Jung photographs both herself and other models in impossible situations, whether it’s floating in midair, holding onto a cloud, or diving deep underwater. Her evocative images look like extraordinary dreamscapes, blending surreal and fantasy elements to create compelling visual narratives.

According to Jung, photography is an effective way to cope with intense feelings. In an interview with Lens People, she said, “Maybe it’s heartbreak, fear of loss, oppression—the photographer communicates with the viewer. I can say that I’m trying to convert my emotions into images. And that helps me a lot to deal with them.”

Like many other young photographers, the Germany native has embarked on a year-long endeavor in the form of a 52 weeks project, for which she’ll produce an image each week for all of 2014.

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