Gorgeously Surreal Fashion Photography by Natalie Dybisz

UK-based fashion photographer Natalie “Miss Aniela” Dybisz does more than just snap shots of models in designer clothing. She creates works of fine art while bringing elaborate, fantastical dreams to life. Finding inspiration from her own experiences and dreams to literature and film, Miss Aniela combines commercial aesthetics with fine art. It is this balance of the two that takes her body of work to another level.

Miss Aniela’s ongoing fashion photo series entitled Surreal Fashion depicts surreal images in a variety of dreamy settings. The detail in the art direction is superb and leads the viewer to believe the otherwise unbelievable storytelling in each portraiture. These women are exactly where they’re supposed to be and know precisely what they’re doing, even if we don’t. It’s clear that the photographer works well with her models, because of the ease with which the subjects are portrayed in their unusual world.

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